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How did Ranger & Copeland Become a Brunswick, ME, Landmark?

In the mid-1950s, new lawyers were making their way from Boston University Law School to find employment in the legal profession in Maine. Orville T. Ranger was one of those budding lawyers and opened his practice in Brunswick. From the moment the doors to the firm opened, Ranger & Copeland represented corporations and individuals with all of their legal needs.
More than five decades later, Ranger & Copeland remains a town landmark because of our hard work in the courtroom and dedication to our clients. We believe in compassion and aggressive litigation. When you need a general practice attorney in Brunswick, Maine, that will get you the best possible outcome on your judicial issue, call Ranger & Copeland.

As general practice attorneys, we can handle all of your legal disputes

As the oldest legal firm in the area, Ranger & Copeland litigated countless of lawsuits of many varieties in Brunswick. Maine’s legal system can be difficult to navigate without professional help and we want you to get the best outcome on your lawsuit.
Our practice areas include:
Family law: At Ranger & Copeland, we understand tensions run high when it comes to divorce or child custody cases. Our attorneys keep in mind that family law litigation typically represents a turning point in many lives. Ranger & Copeland provides a compassionate environment to guide you through the family law process. From litigation to mediation, our divorce and family law attorney are here for you.
Criminal law: Our criminal law attorneys understand that everyone makes mistakes. However, mistakes that you make today, shouldn’t follow you around forever. Ranger & Copeland has the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible outcome on your criminal law legal issue. From misdemeanors to violent felonies, we can handle your defense needs.
Corporate law: Sometimes referred to as business law, corporate law encompasses all of the complexities of the corporate industry. Ranger & Copeland firmly believes in protecting the fair practices and due process rights of any Brunswick, Maine, business. We also have experience in purchases and sales, contracts, starting or selling a business, and supervising employees.
Estate planning: Preparing your will and trusts regarding your Brunswick, Maine, property and assets are important tasks that should be completed as soon as possible. Nobody wants family members fighting over a decedent’s property because there isn’t a will. Ranger & Copeland has the attorneys you need to guide you through the estate process quickly and efficiently. We can prepare wills, trusts, power of attorney documents and health care directives, as well as litigate all probate proceedings.
Personal injury: If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you need the expert personal injury attorneys at Ranger & Copeland. For more than 35 years, we have been helping personal injury victims get the justice they deserve. From a slip and fall, to a complex products liability issue, Ranger & Copeland has the attorney that can help you.
Real estate law: Whether you’re buying real estate or selling, you need a competent attorney to help navigate you through the Brunswick, ME, legal system. From commercial and residential real estate transactions, to reviewing contracts and preparing all other documents, Ranger & Copeland can help with all your real estate law needs.

Our personalized attention is unmatched

For a qualified attorney that will give you the compassion and knowledge you need, call Ranger & Copeland at 207-725-5509

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